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Weddings are the perfect occasion to wear a hat.

But what if you’re a vintage bride looking for something unforgettable?

  • Do you hate "Big Box" bridal stores?
  • Are you unsure where to turn?
  • Is your style elegantly unique?

Millinery Treasures is a Traditional Millinery Studio


Do You Love Vintage?

I’ve seen brides worry that they’ll never find bridal hats for their vintage wedding dresses. They've tried the big box bridal store and don't know where to turn.  As the owner of Millinery Treasures, I adore helping brides find  the right vintage inspired bridal headpiece.  Something that captures the essence of their wedding dress and is a reflection of their personality.

When I got married, sure, I went to the big box bridal store to try on different options, but that experience only convinced me that I didn’t want to look like everyone else.  I wanted something different.  Something that fit my slightly unorthodox wedding dress and also expressed who I was.  From head to toe, I was looking for elegantly unique.

Little did I realize that years later, I would be working with brides designing and creating elegant vintage bridal hats.

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So How Does it Work?

Select an existing design or create something one-of-a-kind

Creating vintage bridal hats can take several weeks and the first step is to contact me to set up a bridal appointment.  I'm reachable by phone or email. Use the contact form on this page.  We can either meet in person or schedule a Skype session.  At the first appointment, I’ll ask a lot of questions and we’ll talk and talk. Where will your wedding take place?  At what time of day? What does your wedding dress look like?  Is it a vintage dress from a specific decade?  It’s important for me to understand the style of wedding that you’re planning, along with your personality.  One bride might be more comfortable with a small bridal fascinator or a simple vintage birdcage bridal veil, while another bride is looking for a dramatic silhouette.

During our appointment, I will show you some hat samples to see your reaction to different shapes and hat styles.  You can then decide if you prefer to use an existing design or create something more extravagant.  If you use an existing vintage bridal hat design, I’ll provide a price at that point.  In order to move ahead, a 50% deposit is required.  From there, I’ll show you the piece in a few weeks,.  At that point, some minor adjustments can be made and you can decide whether to pick up your finished vintage bridal hat or have it shipped.  Bridal pieces generally start at $250.  You can check out a sample of our bridal pieces or order one online. Click this vintage bridal hat link to be taken to our online boutique.


If after our initial meet-and-greet, you decide you really want something more extravagant such as a show-stoping, haute couture bespoke bridal headpiece or wedding hat, I’ll ask for a $250 deposit and schedule another appointment.

When we meet (or Skype) again, you’ll be presented with several options for possible hat designs and prices. Just in case you’re too polite to ask, bespoke bridal hats start at $1,250. Once you see the designs, you’ll select a direction and provide a 50% deposit.  Then, I get to work constructing your hat.

After several weeks, we’ll have another appointment for an initial fitting of your bespoke hat/fascinator/veil/headpiece. This appointment is where we will work out any changes in dimension and talk about how the hat will stay on.  Will a comb be enough to hold the hat securely? Would an Alice band be better?  What about clips? Once these details are decided, I’ll continue working on the hat until it’s perfect.  When everything is ready, you can decide whether you want to pick up the hat in person for one last fitting, or have it shipped.

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I'm Tracy, the Owner

Hat studio hours are mostly by appointment so it's best to contact me in advance

  • 739 Warren Street Hudson, NY 12534
  • Call 646.286.3092
  • Email: info @ MillineryTreasures . com