Lovely Lace

$ 998.00

A treasured Aleçon lace bridal hat.

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This chic lace bridal hat was inspired by a Spanish bolero hat.  Made with French Aleçon lace, this unique bridal piece is painstakingly hand-sewn to showcase the beauty of the hand-cut lace.  This style of needlepoint lace features a raised yarn which provides a graceful, light effect that will be memorable on your wedding day.

Each of our wedding hats and bridal headpieces is made to order. We work with you to customize our designs to your liking to ensure that your bridal headpiece is perfect for you.  Once you place your order we will email you a list of questions including your head size, the date of your event and any special requests.  Your hat will take approximately 4 weeks to ship.

The dimensions of the hat are:

  • Crown diameter: 6″ and height 2″
  • Brim: 2″ wide


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