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Creating a collection of vintage bridal hats takes time, patience and creativity.  I start with an idea.  Something that will unify the different hats. Once I have the theme, it’s time to research and see where the vintage inspiration takes me. Hours upon hours are spent reading and looking at images trying to create a story of who, what and where. Magazines, fashion plates, patterns are delightful resources.  If I’m lucky, I can purchase a vintage piece and deconstruct the item.  Rough sketches of the hats begin to unfold.

Then it’s time to delve into fabrics and colors.  Trips to the finest fabric stores in New York City offer a dizzying array of luxurious fabrics and lace. Samples are collected and brought back to the hat studio where they are matched to the different vintage bridal hats in the collection.  Trims are investigated, planned out and ordered.  Each hat has to stand on its own, yet work collectively in the collection.

Millinery tools are assembled. Buckram, wire, felt, thread, pliers, gloves, rope, pins.  The magic begins and the hats start to unfold.  Loads of patience help transform each idea into a hat.

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