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I’d love to tell you that I always wanted to be a milliner who makes vintage style hats, but that’s soooo far from the truth that I risk being struck down by lightning. In fact, I actually discovered the art of millinery, and making hats and fascinators quite by chance. One day, in a far, far away galaxy [oops…wrong story], I received an FIT catalog in the mail and was intrigued by a millinery course. At the time, I had an internet-based First Communion business, and offered communion veils as part of my product line. Knowing how to make bridal veils would allow me to make the communion veils, rather than purchase them from a third party. Unfortunately, the bridal course was an upper level course with several millinery prerequisites. After looking into the prerequisites, I decided to sign up for the basic hat blocking course. After a few weeks, I fell in love and the rest is history.

Before I knew it, (2 years in real time) I obtained my Millinery Certificate and was well on my way to making vintage style hats and fascinators using advanced millinery skills.  I apprenticed under a milliner in Hudson and learned the logistics of managing a retail shop. Recognizing that I had only touched the surface of millinery techniques, I continued studying under other milliners, including the amazing Anya Caliendo, (who studied under Stephen Jones.) Anya showed me the beauty of haute couture millinery.  Eventually, I opened Millinery Treasures, a hat studio in Hudson, New York.  The town was the perfect location.  It was close to my home and offered centuries of well preserved charm within traveling distance from New York City, Boston and Saratoga Springs.

There was no turning back…


The art of Millinery has been around for centuries

While the styles have changed, the vision has stayed the same

Make the wearer feel special.


It’s important for me to understand

Who you are and where you’ll wear your hat

Only then can I start to create something special

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

Coco Chanel

Making a hat that is loved is hard

Stephen Jones

Style is Eternal

Yves Saint Laurent

One should be a work of art or wear a work of art

Oscar Wilde