3 Things to Know about a Birdcage Veil

2022-04-13T12:58:07-04:00Categories: Fashion|Tags: , , , |

The birdcage veil is everywhere. From stars attending the Oscars, to brides hosting vintage weddings, the birdcage veil is a fabulous way to add a touch of Hollywood glamour.  1. But what is a birdcage veil? Let's start with it is a glamorous head [...]

Non Traditional Bachelorette Party | Make a Fascinator

2021-05-11T19:24:10-04:00Categories: Wedding|Tags: , , , , |

Are you looking for a different type of bachelorette party?  Something unique? Non traditional? Let's face it.  A bachelorette party is really about creating a memory for you and the other members of your bridal party.  Sure, you could jettison off to Las Vegas, [...]

City Hall Wedding | Make it Special with a DIY Wedding Veil

2020-11-18T15:23:33-05:00Categories: Wedding|Tags: , , |

Were you planning a wedding? A lot has changed in the past few months.  Now the discussions are more likely to include how many are allowed at a gathering? Where are they traveling from? Is quarantine needed? It's a lot for any bride to [...]

Fashionable and Hand Sewn Face Masks

2021-02-19T14:36:32-05:00Categories: Fashion|Tags: , , , , |

Do you want to make a face mask but don't know how?  Rest assured that you're in the right place so keep reading... Most people will be faced with two issues.  Pretty much all of the tutorials and how-to videos on face masks start [...]


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