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Fascinators & Cocktail Hats

Why are fascinators and cocktail hats so much fun?  

Perhaps they harken back to a time of sartorial elegance. “We dress for dinner,” meant that effort was required when tending to one’s attire.  In the past, going out was about adding glamour and mystique with a cute little wisp to adorn one’s head.  Sometimes it was a fascinator while other times, a cocktail hat was a perfect choice.

Which begs the question, what is the difference between the two?

A fascinator is for day, while a cocktail hat is worn at night. While not technically accurate it’s close enough.  For those of you that are sticklers, technically, a cocktail hat has a visible base while a fascinator does not.  What’s a base?  Not to worry as that definition is a tad complicated so the first distinction is what I tell people.  No visible base, then it’s probably a fascinator.

We’ve all seen the movies from the 1950s when everyone wore cute little cocktail hats and looked marvelously feminine and put-together.  But unless your grandmother taught you how to wear one, you might be struggling with the best way to carry it off.   These hats look great perched precariously on the head. So how do you choose the right one?

Attitude is important!

The fascinator should be in keeping with the outfit.  Take one of two approaches to find the perfect piece.  If you already have an outfit in mind use color and mood to find a coordinating fascinator.  Veiling lends mystique, beads add sparkle and feathers move with the wearer. Is the outfit classically elegant or flirty and fun?  Or…find a fabulous cocktail hat and then figure out what to wear with it. Either approach works marvelously.

For those who bemoan our modern casual lifestyle, and long to wear a hat. All is not lost. Think gallery openings, weddings, mardi gras parties, cabaret night or even romantic dinners as opportunities to wear one…or two…or three.  Just hopefully, not at the same time.


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