Project Description

The Pillbox Hat Collection

I simply adore 1960s fashion. Whether it’s paging through old copies of Vogue, looking at photographs from that decade or just being swept away by the fantasy of Camelot. There is something so ladylike and elegant in those creations that still feels modern even today. 

As a hat designer, I have the ability to recreate hats from this glorious past.  But I didn’t want to stop there.  I also wanted to deconstruct the pillbox shape and create a hat that pushed the boundaries. 

This collection encompasses a range of sizes from small pillbox hats to full-size ones perched on the back of the head.   



From Inspiration to Creation

leather pillbox hat

Piece de Resistance


Made from leather this creation was like making 2 hats in one.  Since the leather fabric doesn’t maintain the pillbox shape, I had to provide a foundation that would ensure that the leather held up.  Only once this foundation was created could the leather be blocked and made into a pillbox hat.  I selected the black leather to provide a timeless quality.  There’s nothing like wearing something that stands the test of time and looks as fresh today as it did when Jackie-O started the fashion craze.