So often people wonder into my hat shop and declare that they can’t find a hat that looks good on them.  Really, now?? I wonder if they think they can’t wear shoes for the same reason… 

Finding the right one does take a little bit of effort and there are some hat tips to keep in mind.  Even before I became a milliner, I would try on some hats, and didn’t understand why I couldn’t get them off fast enough.  They looked great on the shelf, just not on me.  It was only later that I realized there were some basic rules. When I followed these hat tips, I was pointed in the right direction. Where I had a much better chance of finding a hat that looked good on me.   So what are the rules?

Plan in advance
Have fun

Milliner extraordinaire, Stephen Jones does a fabulous job at describing just how one should go about finding the perfect hat.  He’s been making hats for over 30 years and is quite simply a guru to the rest of us mere mortal milliners. 

Generally, a hat is the icing on the cake or the cherry on top. When shopping for the piece, keep the outfit in mind.  What type of hat are you looking for: fantasy or function?  Two very different directions, but both have the same approach.

If it’s about fantasy, how outrageous do you want to go?  A word of advice, wear the hat briefly BEFORE the event.  Even 10 minutes around the house is all you’ll need to give it a test run. How many bobby pins do you need to keep it securely on your head?  I say this from experience. Many time, I’m running around my studio giving a hat a trial run to ensure that it’s correctly balanced and stays put.  But everyone’s hair is different and slight adjustments might be needed.  When it’s about function, you still need to plan ahead.  For example if purchasing a cold weather hat, visualize the coat you tend to wear most often.  Perhaps, take a picture of the coat so you have it when you’re shopping.  

How many times have we bought something only to declare: “what was I thinking?” when you get it home. 

The goal is to find the hat that reflects your personality and is an automatic accessory for the outfit. Keep these three hat tips in mind and have fun with the process.  Find the hat that is a true reflection of who you are or want to be, so you’ll always wear it.