Life has a way of happening and we can’t always control when special occasions take place.

Last week a woman came to the shop to talk about having a hat made for a wedding that she will be attending.  I didn’t think much about it as I make many hats for people going to weddings.  Let’s face it, a wedding is one of the few occasions when people still incorporate this fashion accessory into their wardrobe.

We talked about how much of a statement she wanted to make, as I showed her different hat and fascinator options.

She explained that she was going through chemotherapy and wasn’t planning on wearing a wig to the event.

That piece of information took me in a different direction because I realized that I needed to show her options that would stay on without being secured.  Combs, clips, headbands, and elastics would not work or possibly call attention to her lack of hair. My client didn’t want a cancer hat.  She wanted a fashion statement.

She shared a picture of the dress fabric which had a 1930s vibe.

dress fabric

In going through the different hat options, the client was drawn to a turban.  More than a simple cancer hat it would provide an elegant fashion statement for a special occasion.

A turban coordinated perfectly with the dress she was planning on wearing to the wedding. Turbans were quite common during the 1930s. This is because many dresses from that time period featured bias cut fabric draped into elegant and feminine silhouettes.

Carole Lombardo

Think Carole Lombard

The beauty of having a custom made turban is that it is made to the customer’s exact head dimensions. I take multiple measurements starting with the overall head size. Then it’s an ear to ear measurement, followed by a front to nape dimensions.  All of these are used to ensure a perfect fit.  When done well, a hat is an extension of your personality and you can almost forget that you are wearing one.

A custom made turban also means that the client can select the color and the fabric that works best with the dress.  This customer decided to use a wool crepe instead of a silk-satin or lame fabric so that

the effect is more understated elegance; festive without being over the top.