Were you planning a wedding?

A lot has changed in the past few months.  Now the discussions are more likely to include how many are allowed at a gathering? Where are they traveling from? Is quarantine needed? It’s a lot for any bride to navigate. Granted the rules are designed to keep us healthy, but they definitely require us to rethink wedding celebrations and make changes.

Recently, the Knot came out with a guide on how to plan a wedding during these strange times.  It includes advice for brides who want to postpone their original plans, as well as suggestions for couples that want to get married on their original date.

This reminded me of how people got married during WWII.  Quick deployments and rationing made it difficult to host large wedding celebrations.  Couples frequently decided to forgo elaborate celebrations and head over to City Hall. Many brides put on a special outfit, added a hat with a veil, and had a city hall wedding. The mindset was to live in the moment and adjust to the situation. I’m hearing that same feeling in talking to brides and their relatives.  Rather than postponing life, they’re thinking

City Hall Wedding

Are you in this group?  Are you thinking about a City Hall Wedding? While being married at City Hall has a different tone, it’s still a special occasion.  Not sure what to wear? You’ll want something special, an outfit that you don’t wear every day. Think elegant but not over-the-top.  A knee-length dress or a suit sets a lovely tone.  Remember, you’re going to take pictures. Some selfies, and some taken by others.  Maybe that’s why you need witnesses?

The one add-on that I would recommend, is a chic little wedding veil.

Why bother, you ask? Because it looks great in pictures and is an easy way to show that you just got married. A wedding veil is fairly simple to make.  In fact, you might want to ask a family member to make a classic little veil for the ceremony so you can focus on the other things that need to get done.  Remember, many relatives are happy to help – but you need to ask them.

You Can Still Feel Like a Bride


With a Chic Little Wedding Veil

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DIY Wedding Veil