Are you looking for a different type of bachelorette party?  Something unique? Non traditional?

Let’s face it.  A bachelorette party is really about creating a memory for you and the other members of your bridal party.  Sure, you could jettison off to Las Vegas, but is that really you?  Is that the memory that you want?

As you think about the experience you are looking for, I encourage you to ask yourself

Is this me?

Is it fun?

Is this the memory that I want?

If you’re looking for something a bit different, I encourage you to keep reading.

Several years ago, I was asked to teach a small group of friends how to make a chic hair accessory.  They thought it would be a lot of fun to create their own fascinator. We looked at a range of options and selected one that worked for everyone’s different sewing abilities. I closed the studio, provided all the supplies, and taught everyone what to do with easy-to-follow instructions. It hit the spot, and they still talk about how much fun they had.  I also had fun and started hosting “Make a Fascinator” gatherings.

So, what would your bachelorette party look like?

Make Your Own Fascinator

Discover the options

Veiled Poof

$48 per person

Silk Bow

$68 per person

‘Lil Button

$98 per person

In Person at the Hat Studio

The process is really easy. Contact the studio so we can discuss your needs. The studio can accommodate up to 8 individuals in one session. You’ll need to select a date so that the hat studio is reserved for your party and closed to the public. Next, we’ll discuss the type of fascinator that you are looking to make and your preferred color scheme. The pricing is based upon the item selected and the number of guests attending.

You and your bridal party meet directly at the Millinery Treasures Hat Studio in Hudson, NY.  All the supplies are provided for you.  Master milliner, Tracy Young will show you how to make the fascinator. She has taught individuals at all levels.  From beginners to expert sewers, she will guide you with personalized easy-to-follow instructions as you create your own fascinator.

There is an option for every ability and budget. There is the ability to further personalize the experience, arrange for refreshments or even hire a photographer or videographer to record the entire session.  It’s all about creating your memorable non traditional bachelorette party.

We follow Covid protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.

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What They Are Saying

Alex, This was the perfect experience
Carmen, I love her creations
Dianne, Tracy made it so easy

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