There’s some debate about the actual rate of divorce in the United States.  Although the New York Times says it’s going down, the rate is still high enough to find tons women seeking advice on selecting wedding dresses for second marriages and what type of headpiece to wear.

The most important thing to remember is that marriages (first, second, third or tenth) are still a celebration of love.  Emily Post came up with the term encore bride which has a nice ring to describe an encore bridal debut.  Regardless of what it’s called, a lot of advice you heard the first time, still applies the second time around.  Basically, when it comes to wedding dresses for second marriages, wear something that makes you feel beautiful and is in keeping with the tone and formality of the ceremony.  Sounds just like the first time doesn’t it?

The biggest difference between first and second marriage ceremonies has more to do with age.  Let’s face it, encore brides are generally older and more confident.  You probably have a stronger sense of personal style and what looks good on you.  So it’s no surprise that some of the wedding dresses that are featured in the bridal magazines aren’t of much interest.

The good news is that wedding traditions have relaxed a lot.  There are more color and style options. You even have the option of wearing…gasp…white!  Regardless of which color you select, the style should reflect the formality of the ceremony.  A simple gown, a cocktail length dress, a gorgeous suit or even a vintage dress can all work as a wedding dress for an encore bride.

Then take it up a notch. Add a fascinator in keeping with your outfit.  A milliner (that’s me!) can help you design a wedding piece that works with your outfit and is in keeping with your personality.  You’ll want something that is an extension of who you are.  You’ll know you have the right piece when you forget that you are wearing something.  Choose a fascinator style that adds a touch of elegance and have some fun.  Wearing a little proof on your head is a delightful way to visually show that you’re the bride.  My one rule of etiquette advice is to forgo the blusher veil that covers the face.  Make that a thing of the past.

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