Wedding veils are not horribly complicated to make…they just take time and a little bit of patience. As a Master Milliner, I should know.  After all, I’ve made quite a few of them, as well as other types of wedding hats.  Sometimes, I’ve even had a family member of the bride ask me if I would teach them how to make a wedding veil so they could make and give one as a gift of love. So, here you go.

Think of the following as a DIY Wedding Veil.

First things first.  Decide what veil length you want to make. The most common wedding veil lengths are shoulder, elbow, fingertip, ankle, and chapel.

Next, decide if you want a blusher veil or not since you’ll have to add that length to the veil.  Not sure what a blusher is?  It’s a veil that is about shoulder length and covers the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle.  Traditionally, she is escorted by her father who lifts the veil to reveal the bride’s face to the groom when she is given away.  I sometimes wonder if the tradition came about to ensure that the groom didn’t take off if the bride wasn’t “visually” to his liking?  Whatever the reason, if you can get over how and why it came about, it is a tradition that many parents and grandparents enjoy.

And let’s face it, part of the reason that you are having a wedding ceremony is to share your special day with loved ones.

mother and daughter on wedding day

Here are the Steps for a DIY Wedding Veil

How to Make a Wedding Veil

  • Determine the veil length and if you want a blusher

  • Cut into a rounded shape

  • Fold to where it will be attached

  • Gather edge with whip stitch

  • Attach the comb

You’ll need a measuring tape, tulle, comb, scissors, thread, and needles to make the DIY Wedding Veil:

  1. Decide what length you are interested in.  The most common wedding veil lengths are: shoulder, elbow, fingertip, ankle, and chapel. Next, decide if you want a blusher or not since you’ll have to add that length to the veil.
  2. Once you decide upon the length, it’s time to cut the tulle to the desired length.
  3. Next, you’ll want to round the corners. Fold the tulle in half down the center.  Then fold again left to right.  Pin the tulle together so it doesn’t move when you cut it. Starting at the bottom right corner, cut a rounded edge of a circle with a 24″ radius.
  4. Open up the tulle.
  5. If you are making a wedding veil with a blusher, fold the tulle to the length of the shorter veil and check that the longer piece measures the length of the second veil. Otherwise, skip this step.
  6. Gather the folded edge to the necessary width using a whip stitch.
  7. Attach the comb. Pay attention to which way the teeth on the comb are facing so you don’t stitch the veil the wrong way on the comb.


woman in wedding veil

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