I just adore the 1960s look even if matchy-matchy is now soooo passé. Shoes should no longer match your purse, let alone your gloves and hat.  If they do, you risk being labeled as a conservative or old school.  Fashion is always changing and what was once considered ne plus ultra, is now viewed as sartorially inept.

So what’s a woman to do?

How can we look modern and fashionable when our OCD kicks in, and we really love coordinating an outfit?  I think the secret is the amount of coordination. When EVERYTHING is exactly the same, it reminds us of our grandmother or perhaps, the Queen of England.  Green shoes, green coat, green gloves, green hat with a matching green feather.  It may be a statement but it’s not exactly fashion forward.

So for those of us who aren’t HRH is there a way to have that well dressed groovy fashion vibe in 1960s hats and still look modern?  I believe there is.  It’s about selecting accessories that coordinate in tone rather than match perfectly.  Different shades of a color are so much more interesting.  If that still feels too matchy-matchy, work with colors next to each other on the color wheel.  Pink can work with red, green can work with blue; purple can work with blue, and so on.

It should never feel too obvious.

Bold, striking colors are more noticeable when matched.  People remember an outfit with matching red accessories more than they remember coordinating navy pieces. Sometimes you can match in an unexpected way.  I once found shoes that matched the inside lining of a day coat.  When I walked, flashes of the lining coordinated with the shoes.

What if you’re sporting a groovy fashion vintage look?  You’ll need 1960s hats but should you be true to the style of the period?  Should that fashion outfit include 1960s hats? Should it have a matchy-matchy vibe?  I don’t think so. Wearing vintage is more about finding unique pieces that are beautifully made.  Go too far, and you risk looking like you stepped out of a time warp. Better to pair modern accessories with that vintage outfit.  Express your style in a unique way that doesn’t feel like a costume.

What do you think about groovy fashion with 1960s hats? Too matchy-matchy?  Or fabulously vintage?

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