It’s official. I opened my hat shop at 739 Warren Street. Of course, this begs the question, “Does Hudson need another hat shop?” Before I answer, I’d rather ask, “Does Hudson need another restaurant gastronomique?” If I’ve eaten in one restaurant, aren’t all chefs the same? What about art galleries? Do we truly need a variety of visual aesthetics?

When I conceived the concept of my hat shop, I knew that I wanted to offer more than a display of commercial hats. There is an art to millinery that I wanted to capture. I wanted to add the magic that we see in fashion magazines showcasing haute couture hats. As I planned out the hat shop, I added whimsical creations that tell a story. Hats that are one-of-a-kind. That grab the creator and the wearer. Placed on white mannequins, they let the hat be the focus. Feathered Friend is such a hat. The design poured forth as the technical aspects were taken care of. The vision evolved as the pieces and feathers were added. In the end, a whimsical fascinator was born. One that stands regally, yet moves with light gusts of wind.

Of course, not everyone wants to wear so bold a statement. That’s where carrying more traditional hats comes into being. Felt hats, fur, leather, fabric, sinamay and straw, are all options to discover at Millinery Treasures. A bowler is as stylish today as it was a hundred years ago. A fedora looks as debonair now, as it did in Casablanca. A tug, a bend of an angle and the wearer adds a touch that makes the hat his own.  Finding the right hat takes time and should be an extension of your personality.  You know that you’re wearing the right hat if you forget that you’re wearing a hat.  

So if your travels take you to Hudson, New York, plan to spend some time discovering all the town’s hats shops.